Scottsdale Ceramic Car Coatings - Starting at $1295

When investing a large sum in a brand new sports car it is important to preserve the quality of your purchase. One of the top ways to improve the chances of keeping that beauty in tip top shape is adding a ceramic paint coating.

Recently ceramic paint coatings have become a must in the industry, and are highly praised by car enthusiasts. They help to extend the life of paint on the vehicles.

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Ceramic Paint Coating:

By far the Best Protection for your vehicles paint - A ceramic coating provides a heavy-duty protective shield against any contaminants, or impurities that your car may come in contact with. This will ensure that the life of the paint is extended, and reduces the chance of an accidental scuff or scratch caused by any foreign matter which is present on the car such as dirt or mud.

Ceramic Coatings outlast other coatings - Another benefit of adding a ceramic paint coating to your vehicle is that it will last much longer than the original paint job. Wax fades over time and allows the vehicle’s paint to be unprotected from the environment it is in whether that be bird droppings, severe weather, or pollutants in the atmosphere. With the ceramic coating fused to the exterior of your car, the ceramic coating will last for years.

Keeps your car looking sparkling clean - The smooth coating completely encases the vehicle allowing for any debris to simply slide off. With a traditional paint job, there are small pockets in the paint, causing the surface to be pitted. This issue can cause your vehicle can appear dirty because of the grime and build up that gets stuck in the small pockets. With the ceramic coating the dirt that comes in contact with the car will be unable to adhere to your paint allowing for a much cleaner, more beautiful appearance.

Car Wax will no longer be necessary - Car was is the old school way to add a protective coating to your paint. Wax is an inferior method to use, because this type of sealant doesn't offer the same level of protection, and in a short amount of time wears off, causing the vehicle owner to spend countless hours reapplying a product that simply doesn't work as well. Just one coating of the ceramic paint coating will last for YEARS!

Ceramic Coating Saves You Money - The cost of a wax on average is $200 every three months. Our ceramic coating starts at $995 and will last for more than 5 years. This investment is not only superior to the older method of waxing, but is cost effective in the long run.

This smart investment is by far the better option when it comes to maintaining your vehicle over the years. Providing superior protection, at a better cost makes this an easy decision. Not only is the quality of the product better, but it also gives a glossy, polished appearance, giving you that sleek exterior that anyone who is devoted to their car would appreciate.

Because of the long-lasting value, and the durable level of protection, ceramic coating is the most sought after treatment for individuals who are interested in giving their car that fresh off the lot look for years to come. Here at European Detail we offer the best system for Ceramic Coatings in Scottsdale and more than 25 years of experience to give you the best ceramic coating results you could hope for.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment, and protect your car for years to come.

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