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Blog Post - Vehicle Wraps

The cost of repainting a vehicle "the right way" has gotten incredibly expensive due to the materials, the EPA, Osha, etc. A typical GOOD paint job will run anywhere between $6k and $10k if you retain the original color!

The latest rage in changing the look of your vehicle is to have the body "wrapped". You can change the color to over thirty different colors, you can go matte, gloss, chrome and even carbon fiber....the beauty of doing a wrap job to your car is price and durability. Average pricing on cars and light duty trucks is around $3000.00. The job can be done in a few days, and can be taken off easily. The condition of the paint will be just as it was when you wrapped it in the beginning! In essence, you have protected the factory finish from everything including rock chips!

Lastly, you can now do company logos and designs for advertising...you can even write it off your business taxes!