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Blog Post Adam's Polishes - 05/10/2017

Adams Polishes Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Adam’s Polishes, a premium car polishing supply company in Scottsdale that has been in business for over 20 years. Adam's Premium Car Care signature product line includes car wax, sealants, dressings, cleaners, and polishes – all guaranteed to outshine and outlast any product you've used on your vehicle. Their products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes.

About The Owner - Adam

Adam was a shine freak at a young age. At age 9, he started cleaning, polishing and waxing bicycles. He would remove the chain and soak in gasoline on a regular basis, so it wouldn’t dirty his socks! He then started a small business, "Adam’s Bicycle Repair and Cleaning." On to washing and waxing the cars in the neighborhood, by age 10, and then at age 12, he hired his first employee, a 16 year-old boy from the neighborhood. He was now in the Mobile Detailing Business, and that specialized in limousine fleets through high school and college. After college, Adam achieved the account, and began detailing for Coca-Cola. Read more: http://adamspolishes.com/our-story